Function: Chairwoman

My name is Zoelaiga Herfst.
I was born in 1961 in the Nickerie district in Suriname.
By profession I’m a nurse, working in an Amsterdam hospital.
I am the mother of three adult sons and one daughter. I live in the town of Purmerend in the Netherlands. My hobbies are listening to music, dancing and watching TV. I am crazy about children, hence my dedication to offering them the facilities they are entitled to.

Function: Treasurer

My name is Url Romeo Crawford.
I was born on August the 1st 1964.
My proffesion is chauffeur transport department.


Function: SecretaryMy name is Joanie Blank.
I was born on 21 of June 1966.
My Proffesion is independent entrepreneur 
Function: Volunteer

My name is Chantal Dwarka Sing.
I’m 40 years of age.
Organizing and tackling new projects – especially those concerned with people’s wellbeing – are activities that appeal to me very strongly.
I have two sweet boys and a partner. I like to accept new challenges and do my very best to make a success of them. Angel’s Garden came my way when I was urgently looking for such a permanent home for my brother. As yet, sadly, in Suriname we have no homes for children with a mental or physical handicap and for autistic children. There is an urgent need, and this explains my decision to dedicate myself to this foundation. Not only for my brother, but also for many families here in Suriname.

Function: Volunteer

Mijn naam is Conrad Anijs

Function: Volunteer

Mijn naam is Eunice Pinas