Annual report 2018

Table of contents

  • About us
  • Board and meetings
  • Overview of important events
  • Suriname business visit
  • Donations
  • Volunteers
  • Finance
  • Planning 2019


About us :

Angel’s Garden is a foundation from Purmerend that was established on 8 June 2007 and 6 August 2007 in Paramaribo Suriname.

Our mission is to help adolescents and chronically ill children with disabilities (physically or mentally) who fall between two stools in Suriname.

By building this day, night, and weekend shelter, Angel’s Garden hopes to meet their needs, making them less dependent on family care and less restricted in their social contacts.

That is why Angel’s Garden wants to offer them shelter so that they can be removed from their isolation.


Board and meetings :

This report was approved by the board on 15 September.

The board met three times in 2018.


Overview of important events :

The Netherlands :

Subsidie ​​ Agreements made remain in force.

Maagdenhuis: the director will be contacted in due course.

The priority now is to make the plot completely ready for construction.

There is still a final phase to go.


The building plan has since been adjusted on the advice of the director of the Maagdenhuis.

The construction will take place in two phases. Because of this we hope to be able to start childcare earlier.

Further information will be announced as soon as it is final when the start of construction will take place.


Business visit:

Introduction to the new District Commissioner of Commewijne.

Mr. Kali.

Had a fruitful conversation and hope for a good cooperation.


Subsidies: (Suriname)

The economic crisis currently makes it impossible to apply for subsidies.

In 2019 we will evaluate the applications that have been put in the fridge for the time being.

We remain in contact with the District Commissioner.


Businesses :

Due to the crisis, it is currently not possible to apply for a subsidy.

We remain positive and hope for better times.


Volunteers: (the Netherlands)

Also this year it has not been possible to find volunteers who really have a heart for these target groups and want to contribute in this way.

We remain positive and hope that there are people who sign up.



People donate little or not at all these days.

We remain positive now and hope for better times.

Donation strategy is adjusted by, for example, making more use of Social Media. We also need volunteers for this.

All ideas are very welcome.



See Attachment


Planning 2019:

Start with the final phase, prepare the plot for construction.
Make active use of Social Media, in particular for recruiting donations.
Evaluate the economic crisis in Suriname