Annual report 2017

Index :

About Angel’s Garden

Board and meeting

Overview of important events

The Netherlands :

  • Contact Virginshouse Amsterdam
  • Contact
  • Donations
  • Grants

Suriname :

  • Business visit of the chairman
  • Prepare the plot for construction (second phase)
  • Fundraising
  • Visit District Commissioner Commewijne
  • Others

Others :

  • Finance
  • Planning 2018


About Angel’s Garden :

Angel’s Garden is a foundation from Purmerend that was founded on 8 June 2007 and 6 August 2007 in Paramaribo Suriname.

It is our mission to help adolescents and chronically ill children with disabilities (physical or mental) who fall between the two in Suriname. By building this day, night and weekend care, Angel’s Garden hopes to meet their needs, making them less dependent on family care and less restricted in their social contacts.

That’s why Angel’s Garden wants to offer them shelter so that they can be taken out of their isolation.


Board and meetings :

This annual report was approved by the board on 16 September.
The board came to 4 times in 2017. Due to illness and absence it was not possible to come to several times several times.


Overview of important events :

The Netherlands :

  • Contact Virginshouse
    Support for the project will remain.
    Important advice that has been given is taken into consideration.
    For example, the splitting of the construction into two phases, this could reach the goal of Angel’s Garden earlier.
  • Subsidy
    The agreements made in 2016 with the director remain in force.
    For further information on this, we refer to the 2016 annual report.
  • Donations
    The donations that took place made it possible to place the divers (sewers) on the plot. (see photo ‘, placing the divers)
  • Grants
    We are not actively engaged in Fundraising. Our priority is to first prepare the plot completely ready for construction. This is why we hope to increase the chances of subsidies.
    In 2018 we hope to start with Fundraising again.

Suriname :

  • Business visit
  • Prepare the plot for construction
    The second phase went into April. Placing the divers.
    Together with the architectural draftsman and the board in Surinam visited the plot. There is one last phase left (third phase). Then the plot is completely ready for construction.
  • Fundraising
  • Staatsolie
    Due to the economic crisis in Suriname, a subsidy request has been made. We wait until 2018. Hope that the situation has improved. We will remain in contact.
  • CombĂ© market
    The grant application has not yet been sent. Due to the economic crisis, there is little chance of success. We wait until 2018. We stay in touch.
  • Skan fund
    We also keep in touch with that. 2018 the economic situation will be evaluated.
    No further companies approached due to the economic crisis in the country.
  • Visit District Commissioner of Commewijne
    The previous agreements remain in force. T.z.t is indicated where the foundation needs help. We hope for a productive cooperation.
    Until now, all conversations in recent years have been pleasant and Angel’s Garden can continue to rely on government support.


Others :

We were not active in 2017 with Fundraising in the Netherlands.
Our priority is first to prepare the plot completely, in order to increase our chances of positive recruitment.

  • Volunteers
    The recruitment of these was also very difficult. The volunteers who report themselves were not motivated. Had different agendas (for example because they had a benefit), Were forced to do voluntary work.
    We remain positive and hope to be able to attract the right people who have a heart for our goal and who want to do everything we can to realize this goal for these target groups.
  • Finance
    See Appendix
  • Planning 2018
    Start preparing the plot for the last phase. (raising with sand)
    Splitting the building budget and the drawing in two building phases.
    Volunteers recruit via central or mouth-to-mouth advertising.
    Actively approach citizens for their donation.