Annual report 2016

About Angel’s Garden

Angel’s Garden is a young foundation from Purmerend that was founded on 8 June 2007 and 6 August 2007 in Paramaribo Suriname.

It is our mission to help disabled adolescents and chronically ill children who fall between the shores of the ship in Suriname. For these young people there is still no day, night, and weekend care, so they are dependent on the care of the family. They are limited, inter alia, in their social contacts. That is why Angel’s Garden wants to offer them shelter so that they can be taken out of their isolation.

This year’s report was approved on 16 October 2016 by the board of Angel’s Garden.

Board and meetings
The board of Angel’s Garden met 5 times in 2016.

Summary of important events

The Netherlands
There is, like every year, a meeting with the director of the Maagdenhuis in Amsterdam. de Jong found.
Support for the project will remain. Regularly, evaluations take place to discuss the progress of the project.

We are also in regular contact with the director of Subsidie ​​ (Peter Potter).
It has been agreed that we will come into contact again after preparing the project for construction. (The plot must first be processed properly before the official construction can take place, for example by placing the divers, sewerage and raising the plot with sand, among other things.)

Business visit of the chairman to Suriname.

Skan fund
An interview took place with Mrs Christin Naarden i.v. applying for a subsidy. The procedure was well explained.
state oil
A conversation took place by phone. i.v. the economic crisis in Suriname, the subsidy amount is reduced to € 60,000. The grant application procedure was discussed.
Combé market
A conversation took place with the son of the director.
The fundraising procedure was discussed. I.v.m. the economic crisis has been decided next year, depending on the crisis, to submit an application.
District Commissioner Commewijne
Introduction to the new District Commissioner. The project plan was discussed, among other things, and possible compensation from the government. We hope for a productive cooperation.
The construction plan was discussed with the parties involved, among others the architect. Changes were made where necessary.
It has been agreed to start 2017 with the installation of the divers and the further preparation of the plot.
Outgoing board members
Treasurer: Jimmy Wakidin and Secretary Anneke Kromosadjah we thanked for their participation.
New board members
Treasurer: Url Crawford and Secretary Joanie Blank, we welcome.
New volunteers
We warmly welcome Conrad Anijs and Eunice Pinas.

Due to a shortage of volunteers, this year, unfortunately, we have not been able to carry out activities planned to take place. We remain positive and hope that volunteers register. We are going to post a vacancy in 2017 via volunteer central Amsterdam.

In 2016 more donations took place. We thank everyone for his contribution. We continue to hope every year for more donors who love the project and these target groups.

In the Netherlands we did not actively look for subsidies.
We had shifted our priorities to the project country.

See Appendix

Planning 2017
Phase 2: prepare the plot for construction. (placing divers, sewerage and raising the plot)
Finish construction budget and drawing. (dots on the i)
Donations (active search)
Acquiring volunteers