Annual report 2015

About Angel’s Garden

Angel’s Garden is a young foundation established on 8 June 2007 and domiciled in
Purmerend (Netherlands). Our mission is to help handicapped adolescents and chronically ill children in Suriname who are falling between two stools. For these young people no day,
night, or weekend care is available. This makes them dependent on their families and restricts their social contacts. Angel’s Garden wants to provide a home for them to break the barriers of their social exclusion.

This annual Report is on the 16th of March 2015 approved by the board of Angel’s Garden.

Board and meetings

In 2015 the board of Angel’s Garden assembled five times.

Survey of important events.


Visit to the parcel:
– A delegation of the Netherlands virgin house (including the director, Mr. de Jong) and of Suriname visited the parcel District Commewijne under supervision by the board of Angel’s Garden in Suriname.
The President Zoelaiga Herfst has brought a business trip in March to Suriname. where she had a meeting with Mr. Ytsen Zeilstra (Consult from Suriname) from Belgium and his partner Mr. Ruud Kroes during her visit.
Mr. Ytsen Zeilstra expressed his support for the project.
Back in the Netherlands we will continuer the conversations.

Acquaintance to the Director Mr Peter Potter from and agreed to enter into a partnership.


Raiza Douglas has been active for a few months worked as a volunteer for the foundation.
She focused on the administration.
We thank Raiza warmly for her support.


In the year 2015 was deliberately chosen to send temporarily no donation letters to citizens.
We have planned to ask the citizens for a contribution to support the project In the year 2016.
The citizens who have donated anyway, we want to thank sincerely for their support of the project.


We have begun the grant application by State Oil Suriname


See appendix

Planning 2016

Expanding network
Start building rich create the plot
Donation send letters
Official construction budget and drawing are finished
Contacts funders / Fundraising continue