Annual report 2011

About Angel’s Garden

Angel’s Garden is a young foundation established on 8 June 2007 and domiciled in Purmerend (Netherlands). Our mission is to help handicapped adolescents and chronically ill children in Suriname who are falling between two stools. For these young people no day, night, or weekend care is available. This makes them dependent on their families and restricts their social contacts. Angel’s Garden wants to provide a home for them to break the barriers of their social exclusion.

This annual Report is on the 3rd of January 2012 approved by the board of Angel’s Garden.

Board and meetings

*  In 2011 the board came together nine times.
* Thanks to an article about Angel’s Garden in the newspaper De Purmerin Purmerend, we laid hands on a vice-chairman, Napi Pattiasina. In daily life, he is an entrepreneur.


* During the business visit to Suriname of Zoelaiga Herfst (chairwoman of Angel’s Garden), a meeting took place with a delegation of the Maagdenhuis in Amsterdam, including the director. The director promised to support the project.
* The District Commissioner of Commewijne promised Angel’s Garden a building lot of  1,5 hectares for constructing a complex. Her commission sympathizes with the project.
* Angel’s Garden received one hour of broadcasting time, offered by the director of Sky Radio in Suriname. As a result of the broadcast a number of citizens, including an electrician and a welder, offered their services.


Owing to a shortage of volunteers, Angel’s Garden was unable able to carry out its planned activities. In 2012 Angel’s Garden hopes to recruit volunteers through the Volunteer Center Amsterdam.


In 2011, pressure of work prevented Zoelaiga Herfst from sending off applications for subsidy. An inventory was made up of bodies to which applications may be addressed in the new year.


See appendix

Planning 2012

* Extending the network
* Organizing PR
* Recruiting volunteers
* Business visit to Suriname
* Raising funds
* Sending off applications for subsidy.

This annual report was accepted by the board on 3 January 2012.