Annual report 2010

About Angel’s Garden

Angel’s Garden is a young foundation established on 8 June 2007 and domiciled in Purmerend (Netherlands). Our mission is to help handicapped adolescents and chronically ill children in Suriname who are falling between two stools. For these young people no day, night, or weekend care is available. This makes them dependent on their families and restricts their social contacts. Angel’s Garden wants to provide a home for them to break the barriers of their social exclusion.

This annual Report is on the 3rd of January 2011 approved by the board of Angel’s Garden.

Board and meetings

* In 2010 the board of Angel’s Garden met six times.
* Sherida Kerpens left the board on account of  lack of time and personal circumstances.


* After a number of talks the homecare organization Sera Zorg and Angel’s Garden decided to cooperate in the form of an exchange of knowledge.
* Zoelaiga Herfst (chairwoman of Angel’s Garden) approached printing house Sonneveld in connection with the delivery of invalid giro slips (see annual report 2009). The printing house admitted that something had gone wrong, but declined responsibility. It pointed out Inter-Pay (at present Currence) as the guilty party. According to the printing house Inter-Pay bore the final responsibility. A cat and mouse game was going on. Angel’s Garden could not afford to call in a lawyer. The chairwoman would try to find out how the damage could be recovered.
* Angel’s Garden continued its search for the granting of a building lot for building the complex. The introduction of a new system at the Domains Office in Paramaribo led to delay in the granting of lots, and consequently to delay in the contacts with this office. These contacts would be resumed at the end of December.
* On account of the demolition in December an internal removal took place. As a result certain affairs, such as the mailing of applications for subsidy, were suspended. These affairs will be resumed in 2011.


Regrettably, because of Sherida’s illness, we were unable to carry out the planned activities. In future we will make more use of the Volunteer Center Amsterdam. This will help us to stick to our planning.


* As from 2010 the foundation has a regular donor, Mrs. D. Artist. We hope that more donors will present themselves in 2011.
* All donations will be earmarked for equipping the complex, once it has been built..


* An application for subsidy was addressed to NCDO (Foundation National Commission for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development), but was rejected. Some of the reasons NCDO stated for this rejection might easily have been refuted. In September 2010 NCDO terminated its supply of subsidies. This made it no longer possible for Angel’s Garden to react to the rejection.
* Another application was addressed to the Maagdenhuis in Amsterdam, and Angel’s Garden received its promise to support the project. Further steps wait for the settlement of the building lot


See appendix

Planning 2011

* Extending the network
* Organizing PR
* Recruiting volunteers
* Finding an ambassador for Angel’s Garden
* Advertizing for a new board member to replace Sheria.
* Continuing the procedure in connection with printing house Sonneveld
* Continuing the contacts with the Domains Office (settlement of the building lot)
* Sending off applications for subsidy

This annual report was accepted by the board on 3 January 2011.